Memories of the Heart

Our loves from Dominican Republic

One of the largest memories with love we have are the Dominicans...

One of the largest memories with love we have are the Dominicans.
The warm wellcome, the kindness and simplicity are their forces, they are relaxed people who always wear a great smile.

One of our preferences is the local Transportation like the moto "conchos" motorbike taxi, which can take up to 3 people at once (officially,unofficially he can take more) wherever you want, or there are the public taxis which are like a small bus for eight people but in that bus can fit much more than eight people, they may stops anywhere you want them to. All of these things show how the Dominicans are and that there is "NO-Stress".

Gourmets of the Dominican Republic

And yes in the Dominican Republic there are small pleasures that can not be refused like the great taste of fresh lobster, which you can taste everywhere and its excelant. For all fish, shrimp, crab lovers ... you have to come here!!

There are very many varieties of fruits like pineapples, coconuts, mangos or passionfruits which are really excellent and sometimes astonishing.

Dream alley...

A special love of ours are the beaches of Las Terrenas with their turquoise water , white sand and the vegetation of paradies... just like a postcard!

Renting a motorcycle and taking a roundtrip along the beaches is a splendid experience which takes us into dreamland and relaxation, miles of deserted beaches where you can go in a motorcycle, quad or by foot. This will be a picture in your memory that will make your colleges in the office get jellous.